They insist on regulating loot boxes in Fortnite, Roblox and FIFA as gambling in the UK

2019-10-23 09:13:16

The issue of regulating loot boxes in the United Kingdom returns to the forefront with the publication of a new report, called Gaming The System where stricter legislation is requested to protect younger players from spending a lot of money on these and other practices in titles like FIFA, Fortnite or Roblox.

"The children have told us that they are afraid to play when they buy loot boxes, and it is clear that some minors are spending hundreds of pounds on this practice. We want the government to consider the presence of loot boxes in launches like FIFA as a way of gambling, "says Anne Longfield, Commissioner for Children's Rights in the United Kingdom, in a statement released today.

The press release talks about how this important outlay of the smallest of the family is done without having a real idea of what the rewards will be and leaving the children with the feeling that they are playing. To round off the problem that Longfield has done, it is ensured that some minors generate an addiction to the games not being aware of the time they spend with this hobby.

For these and other reasons, the statement urges developers and platforms, for example, to ban micropayments in these age sectors whose purpose is to progress in the game (the so-called pay-to-win) or the incorporation into launches with transactions of a history to have proof at all times of the disbursement made with spending limits activated by default in children.

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