Seuss World is a brand new Roblox game based on If I Ran the Circus

2019-10-14 15:47:15

Dr. Seuss Enterprises has partnered with Roblox and SkyReacher Entertainment to release a digital game inspired by the Dr. Seuss book If I Ran the Circus.

On Nov. 8, the new series from Dr. Seuss Enterprises will debut with an all-star voice cast, including Michael Douglas, Adam Devine, Keegan-Michael Key, Ilana Glazer,  and Eddie Izzard.

“Seuss World” is a fully immersive pet-simulator game available on Roblox and accessible on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Xbox One devices. It features a variety of mini-games that players must complete to gather in-game currency for hatching and collecting virtual pets inspired by Seuss creatures. Activities include obstacle challenges like tight ropes, mazes, high dives, cannonballs, slides and gathering items throughout the world.

“Green Eggs and Ham is something we’re doing with the Dr. Seuss estate and Warner Bros. and it’s going to take three years and be on the level of feature production,” he said. “If we get everything right, our lofty goal is that it’s going to be as sophisticated in its storytelling as something like a Disney•Pixar movie [where] a parent will be truly invested in the show just as much as the kid will be.”

"This is truly a defining moment for our studio, and we couldn't have found a better partner than Dr. Seuss Enterprises to help bring their first game to the immersive digital world of Roblox," says Brad Crayton, chief operating officer, SkyReacher Entertainment. "We know Roblox players will love the creativity we've brought from the famed Dr. Seuss brand into the digital world, and we are proud to have been selected as the development studio partner to deliver this first game."

The virtual pet simulator includes several mini games that feature familiar characters, such as Horton, the Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Yertle the Turtle, and more.

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