Roblox,the 100 million active kids gaming platform

2019-11-07 09:25:31

The Roblox platform can be described as the largest creative space designed for children where virtually anything is possible.

Its free content makes its global popularity huge. Like any other free game, Roblox bills through micro-transactions, mostly for aesthetic elements.

Additionally, the platform allows its users to earn money through their creations, with even young people who have already made more than three million euros.

Craig Donato, CEO of Roblox, explains that all games on the platform are created by users at no cost, with complete freedom within safety standards. “Last month we had two million users on our platform creating games, which totaled over 20 million creations,” he says.

The ability to adapt to new young audiences is the platform's brand image, according to Craig, “It's critical that the platform stays safe, and for that to happen we have a specialized team that reviews all content that is created before it becomes available.” .

Concern for content security is Roblox's top priority. The platform created for children meets the current digital landscape, enabling games created to serve as learning, where content is mostly didactic, and where safety is the key element that allows parents to know and even monitor what your children are playing.

This year Roblox has started an educational program, working with schools to provide tools that can stimulate education and capture children's attention.

This year also marked the launch of toys, such as dolls, aimed at expanding the platform's reach, but also to “celebrate the platform's success and its millions of users” according to Craig Donato.

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