Roblox: the video game platform that turns children into entrepreneurs

2019-10-24 09:11:34

It's not only Fortnite and Minecraft in life! In the world of gaming, a certain Roblox is growing slowly but surely. It even makes it possible to reinvent a new economic model by transforming its players into small entrepreneurs.

Unless you have children between the ages of 8 and 12, chances are you've never heard of Roblox. Virtually unknown to the general public, this British video game released in 2006 is rising to the same level as the giant Minecraft by reaching the historic figure of 100 million active users last August. His secret? Especially no fundraising or sudden hype, but a slow and continuous progression for ten years now.

An unaware look at the game yet has enough to perplex. We are very far from the flashy graphics of Fortnite. Roblox displays characters similar to little Lego in 3D scenery rather crude, even frankly ugly. In the face of recent multiplayer games, we have the impression of a trip back in time ... in terms of design, we find ourselves 15 years behind. But the users are less there for the quality of graphics than for the possibilities offered by the game. In the jargon of gaming, we call it a game "sandbox" or Sandbox. Specifically Roblox propels players into an unattractive world, but in which they can create other video games.

Designed by David Baszucki, a Standford engineer who began his career creating physics simulation software, Roblox initially had an educational purpose. As he explains to Forbes, "This is a free platform that is inspired by Lego, Sims and gives children a unique space where they can build, program and distribute their games to their friends. "

The financial possibilities do not stop at Roblox. Some game creators like AlvinBlox extend their business on other platforms. They offer tutorials on YouTube for other young people who would like to enter this juicy market. In addition to accumulating millions of views, the latter also offers to subscribe to a private channel for $ 5 per month to take advantage of his advice.

For its part, the platform hopes to donate the equivalent of $ 100 million by the end of 2019 to its "young shoots". If it achieves its goals, it could eventually become the equivalent of a platform like YouTube with an ecosystem of creators gravitating around players looking for new sensations ... pay.

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