New World is Amazon latest bet for the MMORPG genre games market

2021-07-29 16:15:53

The game New World is Amazon's latest bet for the MMORPG genre games market. It unites ancient history in an original environment, with a series of undead and progress.One of the main highlights of New World is its history. The player plays a character who finds himself exploring the fictional island of Aeternum, set in the mid-1600s.

New World takes players to the magical island of Aeturnum, where warring factions of humans, ghosts and zombies, and angry earth elementals all contend with the Corrupted and the nigh unstoppable force of The Tempest trying to consume the worlds old and new.

New World was first announced back in 2016, and Amazon Games has been working on the ambitious title ever since. During June's Summer Game Fest 2021, fans were given a deep dive into New World's Expeditions, weapons and more. The MMORPG was originally scheduled for a May 2020 release before multiple delays, and it appears that the extra time has been spent on filling the game with an abundance of content. The deep dive focused on Expeditions, a five-player multiplayer activity that allows a group of players to battle their way through enemies and bosses to acquire unique loot.

One of the initial details of the game is character creation. Before venturing into Aeternum, you need to customize his details, from name and gender to physical details such as face, hair, tattoos and scars.

There are no predefined character professions — displayed in third person. You'll need to “create” your own path as you progress, based on the attribute points you'll distribute — there are five in total: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution — and the weapons used.

New World was originally supposed to have a big emphasis on PvP, and it still does, with each of the game’s 12 areas on the map able to be won over by one of the human factions, who can then gain bonuses in those zones.

Let's put you in the background. Users with access to the New World beta reported that their NVIDIA graphics cards (mostly RTX 3090s) were overheating and dying after 15-30 minutes of gaming. Apparently the problem is in the main menus of the game, where there is no FPS limitation. This would be causing the graphics card to try all the time to increase the amount of FPS and in the end, end up dying.

To avoid this problem they have offered two "solutions" to users. The first would be to manually disable the driver before starting the game. The second solution they give is to limit the number of frames to a total of 60FPS, which would help to correct the high GPU usage. Some users have tried these recommendations and say they are useless, that a game update is needed.

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