Learn how to access Roblox Games, platform with millions of free games

2019-11-02 09:02:39

If you are a PC gaming enthusiast, you need to know Roblox Games, a platform with over 15 million free games. Launched to the public in 2006, it allows its users to create their own games. In 2011, Roblox Games already had more than 5 million games, a number that has since tripled thanks to its 500,000 creators. The genres of the titles at Roblox are quite varied, ranging from shooting and action games to animal adoption and simulators.

First, go to the site, enter information such as your date of birth, email, password and gender. Click on "Register".

You will be taken to the Roblox Games home screen, with some of the top games available.

To access all Roblox games, click on “Games” at the top of the screen. You will be able to view games through categories such as “Popular”, “Best rated”, “Highlights”, “Rthro”, “Popular near you”, among others. Choose one of the games to start playing.

In "Catalog", also in the top menu of the screen, you can purchase items to create a game using the platform. They can be purchased with Roblox coins, which can be purchased by clicking on the "R $" icon in the upper right corner of the screen or "Robux" in the top menu.

Already in "Create", you can start creating your game through Roblox Games' immersive authoring system. The tool is free. Building games on the site lets you interact with millions of players and earn money by providing in-game purchases.

In "Robux" you can buy coins to use in your games and creations.

The three horizontal bar icon at the top right of the screen gives you access to notifications sent by other players.

Finally, in the gear icon, you can access your settings (where you can change various aspects of your account), consult help, or sign out.

If you were curious about how to create your own game at Roblox Games, after clicking “Start Creating,” you can access the link to download Roblox Studio, the platform's game editing program.

Once you have downloaded the program, you can add a background, elements such as trees, furniture and even towers, create characters, among other options. Roblox Studio works as a kind of Photoshop, where you can rotate elements, move them, change the aspect ratio of your game's scenery, colors, among other features.

By creating your game at Roblox Games you can, besides having a lot of fun, make money and have a creation to call your own!

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