How to unlock the ability to create a custom team in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

2021-11-11 17:13:38

In NBA 2K22, you have the option of using an NBA team logo or a different logo for your squad in MyTeam. MyTeam players can customize their team’s jerseys, arenas, and logos, but they must first obtain some cards. To unlock the ability to create a custom team, players must collect 75 cards in MyTeam. All permanent cards count towards the 75, so creating a team can be quickly unlocked by either buying packs or completing challenges.

The easiest way to get 75 cards is to spend MyTeam tokens on individual player cards. Players can go to the Rewards tab and purchase Emerald players for as little as two tokens each. While these are not the best cards, they are cheap and will add to the collection.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam: How to create a custom team logo?
Now to get started, go to the My Team section of the MyTeam menu using RB/R1, and then select Lineups Management. From here, select a Lineup and then head to the Franchise section. Go down until you see the Design Logo tab and click.

From here, a range of preset and customizable logos can be selected from this menu. Players can also use logos of historic teams from the past, or simply upload their own. Uploading a custom logo requires gamers to visit the following link and log in to their relevant gaming IDs to then upload the custom MyTeam logo.

You can choose from a variety of preset or customizable logos, a current or historic NBA logo, or upload your own. To upload, go to the NBA 2K website and click on this link.

It may take some time for these logos to go into the 2K system. To check, go into My Images to see if your picture has been added into the database.

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