How to earn Robux on Roblox

2019-10-22 09:13:12

There are several ways to earn Roblox in Roblox. The game design platform's virtual currency can be purchased or earned through the sale of game items or passes, earned as a subscription plan “salary” or through advertisements.

How to win robux on Roblox

There are some legal ways to get robux, other than buying virtual currency.

1. Subscribe to the Roblox Premium Plan
This is not a free method, but it is by far the simplest correct way to get robux. With a monthly subscription to the Roblox Premium plan, which has three different-value levels (in dollars), you get a monthly “salary” of 450, 1,000 or 2,200 robux, plus an additional 10% bonus for currency purchases.

2. Sell Game Passes and Hits
Game passes are special items that offer chat options, powers, vehicles, etc., while game access are paid game access keys. They can be created at will, even by those who do not have a Premium plan subscription.

However, access keys cannot cost more than 1,000 robux. Developers with free plans receive only 10% of access sales and game passes, while subscribers get a total of 70% of sales.

3. Sell clothes
Unlike passes and game hits, only subscribers are allowed to sell clothing items in their Roblox games, such as pants and shirts. Once the sale is made, the amount is placed in a pending status for up to three business days and then credited to an account. Like game passes and access, free users get a lower percentage of sales than Premium subscribers.

4. Create games that attract advertisers
One way to earn Roblox at Roblox is by creating appealing, creative and child-friendly games to attract advertisers and earn an income. Roblox Corp. requires eligible titles to be free of violence or well-known brands, attractive and up-to-date in design, performance-free and popular (minimum 200,000 plays per month). The developer also cannot have a report history and needs to be quick to respond to requests from players.

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